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Fee Schedule 2024
fees posted include HST

Massage Therapy Session, 

Indie Head Massage, 

Prenatal Massage,

45 min                                  $95

60 min                                 $120 .01

75 min                                 $140

90 min                                 $165

120 min                               $240

Aromatherapy Massage

Add $2

60 min                                 $140.01

75 min                                 $175

90 min                                 $210.01

Warm Bamboo Massage

Mobile Massage

60 min                                 $185

75  min                                $230

90 min                                 $275

120 min                               $370


Minimum 2 hours scheduled per location. 

 Contact via text for details 705-205-7378

Methods of Payment



Credit: Visa, Mastercard and American Express

A receipt for treatment will be emailed to you after payment is accepted, if you would prefer a hard copy please let me know at your appointment.

Massage Therapy is not covered under OHIP; however, many extended healthcare providers include benefits for Massage Therapy treatments.  Anyone may choose to see a Massage Therapist, however, some extended healthcare providers will require a Physician to prescribe Massage Therapy in order to be covered by your plan.  It is your responsibility to confirm the exact details of your coverage.

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